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Ready-made videos for companies or short films about a product.


We will take your idea, figure out the issue or product and put it into a script.

We will prepare a director's script and shooting timing.

We will assemble the props and select the appropriate equipment.


We will collect props, actors and equipment in a single moment and shoot according to the shooting plan.

This will save the shooting budget as much as possible.


Let's choose the best takes and edit the material.

We will colorize the video

We will select and buy a melody and order a voiceover

Let's brand it all up with a branded splash screen


Видео бюджетно

Included in cost:

  • Shooting video up to 3 hours
  • Equipment available in the studio
  • Mounting the material into a finished video

* Additional payment for the author's melody, the development of a splash screen and express editing of the material on the day of shooting.