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We shoot furniture in the studio or any other location wheter it's in a real interior or on the white background.

We also take photoshoots at client's apartments, stores, showrooms.


We use professional equipment

  • Canon camera with full-format 36x24 mm sensor
  • Hyundae Photonics Studio Light
  • L-series lenses

What if the space is not enough ?

It happens quite often that there's too less space in the apartment.

We have a Canon 16-35 wide-angle lens for this case.

The viewing angles are 100 ° (horizontal) and 75 ° (vertical)


Photoshoot in the studio

Price includes:

  • Furniture photography in a photo studio
  • Color correction of all photos
  • File transfer of all photos

* studio rent is not included in the price

Photoshoot on location

Price includes:

  • Furniture photography at the client's apartment, store, etc.
  • Light equipment (we bring it to the location)
  • Color correction of all photos
  • File transfer of all photos

* transport cost шы not included in the price. The time is counting from arrival to the 1st location to the last shooting point without breaks.

Photo Retouching

Retouching of the one photo (elimination of the furniture flaws).

We retouch only the photos that we have taken.

Upon request it's possible to transfer the original files with retouching process saved (+ 50% to the cost).


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